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About GD School

A school is a place where people go to learn about topics such as reading, Writing and developing one’s skills. In a school or university one or more teachers help students to learn. GD School believes” Where Good Care Leads, Good Education Follows.” The prime concern of GD School is based on overall development of the child.

GD School looks for Students who are enthusiastic, have a desire to engage in the learning process, and who will immerse themselves fully in school life; taking part in extra-curricular activities, supporting the school’s ethos, and becoming an active member of the school community. Being top ranked in the best private schools of Alwar, Rajasthan; we are concerned much more with the potential of each individual child’s gifts and passions than achievements to date.

We empower our students to be in charge of their own learning by creating interesting, open-ended tasks that target real-world skills, meet our learning objectives, and enable students to make choices and then measure and reflect on their progress. When students are in charge of their own learning, they feel a sense of belonging—the classroom becomes a space defined by them. And paradoxically, in providing greater autonomy for students, teachers are more important than ever because only a skilled teacher can set up the scaffolding for this kind of learning experience and thoughtfully guide students through each step of the process. To make learning purposeful there is a need for institutions which are able to fulfil goals of real Education. ‘GD School’, A place where learning is purposeful, creativity is in the air, innovation welcomes every one and knowledge produces intellectuals.’

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